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But saving their daughter may endanger all of Atlantis. Who will sit on the throne if Erica gains her freedom?


zenescope comics The Little Mermaid miniseries. If they fail, most of Europe will be blanketed in ash and dust, leading to massive loss of life and altering the fabric of European society for a generation.

How important is that to you? Our convention business is up significantly this year — we expect zenescope comics to be next year, too.

Zenescope President Not Worried About "Comic Snobs" | CBR

It really put us on the map when we first zenescope comics, going out and getting fans interested in our books just by interacting with them at the conventions. To this day, we still track how many new fans we get at each convention.

Does that bother you at zenescope comics

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Is that something you want to change in the image of the company? It bothers me on some level.

ZENESCOPE COMICS May 2017 Solicitations

Zenescope comics it does bother me a little bit. It is a little bothersome, but at the same time, I understand it, too. In terms of the covers, and the trade paperback covers being less revealing than the monthly books, zenescope comics you see them as something of a means to an end?

Or is that not really the right way to look at it? The company has hosted multiple advance screenings of the pilot for fans at conventions since October Wonderland[ edit ] In Julyit was announced that Lionsgate Television had emerged the winner in a six-studio bidding war for TV rights to Zenescope's "Wonderland" series.

Zenescope Digital Comics - Comics by comiXology

Apr 15, SRP: Jul 01, SRP: Calie Liddle is zenescope comics White Queen of Wonderland. As Calie fights to restore Wonderland as the Realm of Dreams, she learns firsthand that more danger looms behind every single stone she turns.


Jan 27, SRP: Wonderland has fallen to madness, her daughter is possessed by the Mad Hatter, and the Ace of Zenescope comics has crushed all of the hope her reign has fostered in the Realm of Dreams.

However, when the evils of Wonderland begin to spill over into Earth, Calie finds new purpose in defending her world from zenescope comics coming madness.