Exciting spanking stories

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I met a lady in Shanghai, a Taiwanese Lady. She was in a bar, smiling at me and I start to speak to her. When we arrive, she was quite nervous, and I feel that she was little bit strange, and very excited. I grab her ass, and discover a big fat ass under her skirt, and she seems to liked be touched in rough way. I knew she was sensitive at this part of her body. I take her panties off, and her top, she has small tits for curvy body, and I see a fat curve assvery round. I force her to turn, exciting spanking stories ask to curve her back, to show me her ass. She was ashamed and excited. I smash her ass, and she start screaming.

I put a finger on her pussy and feel it very hot and moist. She was really horny, and like to be treated like that.

I continue to spank her big round ass, and she moan, and enjoy it. I take her on Sofa, and Spank her several times, she enjoy that, and I touch and feel a very hot pussy. Would you like to try to being spanked harder, Slut? I pinch her nipple, but she seems not like it. I slap her face sofly but she also do not like it… She just enjoy being Spanked. So I continue to Spank her, 40 times harderand her ass start to be red, she start yelling, and I stop, press her hot ass, quite red now. I Take the Belt now, and Spank her Ass, and start slowly, and harder and harder, After, mark were visible on her ass and she scream, and ask to stop.

I massage her fatty butt and her pussy full of hot Juice, and put 2 finger in her cunt, and start to finger it hard, within 2minutes, she Cum… She exciting spanking stories really hard. She Yell, and shoch for 15 secondes. She was totally out of control for 10 min….

I fuck her hard, she enjoyand when I start to spank her in the same time I fuck, she start to really enjoy, moan, and After keeping abusing of her fat ass…. She cum a second time… I was really excited to meet this kind of Lady… a real Spankee, a spank addict.

I accept and text her a sample message, if you want to be dominated again, come with skirt without panties… she did not reply. Exciting spanking stories arrive on time at the dinnerin a shopping Mall, and wait for like 30min, and she arrives with 30min late, with a skirt. After a gentle Dinner, nothing really kinky, we leave the restaurant and I take her into the escape Stair. I left her skirt, and see that she does not panties, and I smile to her, she close her eyes, feel ashamed.

In this stair old buildingI spank her ass several times, she was kind of scare. I Speak at her hear, and explain to her that she has been late for 30min, and deserve punishment…. She smiles at me… we went to her home, and when arrive, Take her skirt down and start to punish her, by spanking her big ass. Start soft, then medium… her ass became pink. I put her on her table, and bond her hand and take a paddle from my bag and start to hit her butt…. She starts to suffer after 50shots, and making some noise… I give her 5min rest, by putting a small diamond buttplug in her asshole.

Her thigh was quite open, and I can admire the juice flewing on her thigh… What a wonderful Show, and see her full assred flashy. I did not resist and Fuck her at this moment, and I take a lot of pleasure, and give her several orgasms difficult for her to forget…. We start to meet several times per week, and everytimes, was almost the same… Spanking, and fuck with more intensity and more tools. I try with her different kinky stuff that I usually do, but nothing really make her excited.

A masochist, enjoy be hurted only exciting spanking stories her ass. I learned after, that she is still married, and have an expat husband that do business trip often, and have that is independant in university. She has also a good position in a German company….

She often do Business trip to her headquarter, and we use to see each other just before she take the plane to Europe. We meet for hours, in hotel close to Shanghai International Airport usually, and always ask me to go extrem. She really want to try extrem spanking, extrem hit on her ass, and after spend 2weeks in Germany, come back without any problem.

Her ass was really really hurted each time, each time harder, and each time she became crazy with such pain. I used to bond her on the bed, or table or stand, and use rigid paddle, ruler, metal ruler, Whip, wood can, metal can, ….

After these session, she take her flight and told me many time, she was so paintful, get lot of problem to seat, and feel wet all day and all night. She loves that feeling, be hurted make her wet and during 2weeks, she was most of time so horny… She masturbate herself several times, days in toilet, night alone, sleeping on the front.

She always told me that she never feel so excited in her all life that exciting spanking stories these business Trip. The crazy lifestyle of a spankee. I still keep in touch with her, and twice a year, she will add me back on wechat, and ask to meet.

She always ask me to not control myself…. What did you think of this story? Any girl in this situation? Want to contact me to speak about this… try the contact form i reply … my profil here. I respect the desire of girls…and understand that most of normal submissive girl only enjoy soft spanking that is also exciting for a Pervert like me.

I love your Story — really exciting I think you make satisfied her kinky desires and same time can go out to dinner or share a bottle of wine and watch a movie or hold an intelligent conversation. Of course you cant guarantee that I wont go after you again. Like Like. Hello Kris, I always to receive a spanking in real life. Can you do it just one, with a stranger? If I say stop, will you stop or continue? I send you a text, wish that you can reply me. Chinese Girls have more and more bigger ass… Go to Gym and eat more.

Hello Chris, All these picture make me horny… i never try being spanked… do you think I can like it? How to find a spanking teacher or somebody that can try on me step by step. Another thing, it is important or not for you to have a big ass to be spanked? God Dam Story, make me so horny. You are asian I guess, and I can exciting spanking stories your fantasy I think one day, if we meet. Like Liked by 1 person. I am seeking a friend, for play. I do travel some. Not looking for drama.

Searching to encounter honest decent people, I would like to try be spanked by you once… I am not in China, living in Canada. I also would like to write DS stories for myself for fun, I will send you some. So I am mostly here to gain inspiration for that. I am open to an exchange of s about kink. Dominant asian guy here looking for someone to explore taboo experience with It can be either online or real life. I am down for anything and spanking is my favorite experience. Fantastic job Shanghai Dom I see you are getting a great feedback from very interesting Chinese subs.

It is really an exciting story, i enjoy it. It is real? I have a bit fantasy of spanking, but kind of scared of too painful or extrem. Can you do soft training at the beginning? Can we keep it secret like the story?

Hi Kris… i am a virgin irl but all those things i said, i want to do it. Hello … Ok, heu…. Thank you for your comment, but you understand that I am a man and not your girlmister XL. I struggle a little, testing my bonds. An almost silent whimper escapes my lips as the realization that my limbs are not going move sets in. The air surrounding me in the quiet room is cool. From somewhere a soft breeze bathes my naked skin, causing goose bumps to raise along my sweat damp body.

I arch my back some, continuing to test my restraints.

What was that? I raise my head, straining my ears. Has Sir finally returned? I sense your nearness. Your eyes take in every contour of my body, and a smile crosses your face as I test the security of the restraints.

You smile bigger as you see the moment I realize that you have returned. Your large fingers graze over the flesh of my ankle, then move inwards, running up my leg. Stopping at the soft, creamy skin of my inner thigh, which you squeeze gently. My hips rock a little under your caress, and rise upward as your fingers approach the damp mound of my exciting spanking stories.

I bite my bottom lip softly, and shake my head no emphatically. I never doubt you, Sir, never. I feel the movement of your body as you stretch over me slightly, and hear something settle on the table. You laugh softly at my moan of pleasure, pulling the jewelry once more before resuming the slow path of your hand along my body. Reaching my breasts, you knead each one, then alternate between them, squeezing and twisting each nipple into hardness.

Leaning over, you tenderly kiss my neck, and trail your tongue upward, over my throat, along my jaw line, to my ear. Just what it does to me to have you helpless before me, your body mine, to do with as I please? I arch my back as the tender skin of your inner arm brush over my rigid nipples. Hearing the clink of the ice in the bowl, I moan softly. You raise your arm, drawing an ice cube over my lush lips teasingly.

They part for you and my tongue slips out exciting spanking stories chase the frigid cube. I whimper softly as you run it down my chin, drawing it ever so slowly down the center of my throat. You hold it there, in the hollow of my throat, allowing it to melt slightly, the cold water pooling there, as you lower your head, licking each nipple in turn. I attempt to lay absolutely still, to keep the cold water from running down my neck.

You moan lowly as your tongue teases and flicks at my nipples. Raising your head, you watch me biting my lip, trying to breathe slowly. With a wicked grin, you draw the ice cube in your fingers down my chest, running it quickly over each nipple. Holding it against the left one, you bite and suck the right one. You gnaw and then stretch my right nipple between your teeth, as your large hand holds the ice cube in place against my renewed struggles.

Raising your head, you draw your tongue up between my breasts, and noisily suck the water from my skin.

You run your tongue over my lips before parting them with the tip, and plunging deeply inside, kissing my hungrily. Shivers wrack my body from the water trailing and pooling under my back, my frozen nipple aching and throbbing madly under your hand as you knead my breast roughly.

Reaching over me once more, you retrieve another ice cube, holding it over my right nipple as your warm lips encompass the cold left one, sucking it deeply. The tip of your tongue flicking and caressing over the hard nub. The heat of your mouth, so soon after the extreme cold of the ice, sends shock waves through my body, causing me to quiver and involuntarily pull hard against the tight restraints. You draw the now softly rounded, slightly melted edge of the ice to the center of my chest, then achingly slowly down the middle of my body. As you circle my belly exciting spanking stories with it, my hips gyrate in tandem, and I raise my ass as much as possible from the table.

You respond by sliding the cube down my belly, slipping it between my lips, and pressing it firmly against my already throbbing clit.

Exciting spanking stories

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