Getting laid at conventions

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Ok everyone, this is Andy Martinez, owner of this website. I wanted to write this article because this is something I struggled with for the longest time and I can honestly say that I have come along way in understanding how women think and what to do to get them to be interested in you. Yeah, I was once that guy in school that got picked last for gym class. You know that nerd at the corner of the room drawing anime characters and playing RPG games, that was me. That guy that girls left so that they can be with thunder cock.

You get the picture. Your average geek. Anime, manga, Fantasy and Scifi, Star Wars. All that shit that was me. You know, geeks and nerds have the hardest time finding a girl out there in the world. Sure the rest of society usually go to bar and clubs and other social getting laid at conventions but for the nerd, they are not so lucky. In fact nerds are mocked for being sexually undesirable. However, there has been a switch in pop culture where being a geek or nerd is now more acceptable than ever.

With superhero movies owning the box office and Comic Con popularizing the things we love, it has attracted so many people to our way of life that many barriers have been remove.

Getting laid at conventions

I would also like to say that although I have a lot of experience I recommend going to an expert such as Doctor Nerd Love. Yes that is his internet name. So without further to do lets get started. I have narrow it down to few things so buckle up this is going to take a while.

Getting laid at conventions

I learned this from a friend. When I first started going out to conventions, I envisioned a fantasy world of like minded individuals and with girls in Sailor Moon cosplay.

Getting laid at conventions

Setting my expectations so high I ended up being kinda creepy. The reality is, conventions are a place for geeks and nerds to share their interest, hobbies and what they love about pop culture. One of the fastest way of making friends is with cosplay. You will definitely strike up a conversation much faster than lets say, someone you met at the mall or in the bus or train.

The problem with going with an agenda is that you ruin the fun. Its the equivalent of someone trying to sell you something at the mall. Be casual. Have fun. Find things that you getting laid at conventions to do, panels that you are interest in, events that you want to be part of. But if you go with the attitude of a pick up artist then girls will be turned off by that.

Conventions have a really friendly vibe. Its not like a night club or a bar. Your vibe has to match your surrounding otherwise people are going to smell your intentions. Going to a convention with the intention of getting laid is the wrong mind set. You also have to think about the demographics. Mostly young people, teens and people in their early twenties. People that go to conventions are usually outcasts and have mental problems, ADD, socially awkward and so on.

Getting laid at conventions

You have to be careful. I mean really feel the person, feel their vibe, get in the flow. If you want to get laid getting laid at conventions an anime convention and bring girls back to your hotel room or if you really want a girlfriend, going with an agenda is just going to make things worst because you are putting more pressure on yourself and it shows in your interaction with other people.

Going into the world of convention, it was something brand new for me. Before I started going to anime and comic book conventions I never really had nerdy friends. Maybe one or two but other than that, I was usually by my self. I just could not find a girl whom I had lots in common with you know and make that deep connections. Relationships where the two people share the same interest and values last much longer.

That being said, before you even think about dating in the world of conventions, you have to establish friendships. This might seem obvious but with the lack of social skills in the community, people seem to miss this.

Now if you are inexperience its best to start out by making friends first rather than just picking up girls and trying to get their phone. Doing those pick up tactics just give off a bad vibe like you are only there to take something from them. Also keep in mind that if you approach someone with good intentions, you know, just trying to make friends, and they take it the wrong way then that is their problem. There have been cases where some people dislike me for whatever reason, no matter how friendly I thought I was being. Some people are really sensitive and get freaked out by anyone.

Also in the anime and comic book community some people tend to getting laid at conventions anti social. You just have to watch out how you touch girls and how you talk to them. Staring too long can be creepy. Asking for too much personal information at the beginning of a conversation can be very creepy. Also some people have really shitty attitudes.

Like some kids that are spoiled. Pay them no mind and keep going. Take this from someone that has lied to girls just to get laid. Your lies will back fire. Trust me on this one. When you approach a girl be honest and tell her. Honestly is an aphrodisiac. Showing up as you are will take you places. But not just showing up as a man, but also, improving yourself every time. Many times we lie to try to impress someone because we want to make friends with that person or we want them in our lives. The problem is that the truth always finds a way to the surface. You can lie about whatever you want but lies are empty and people can feel that emptiness or that negative energy when they hang out with you.

Is like their Spider senses are tingling and they can detect your lies. Now of course you are not perfect and you might still lie about certain things but if some feels that they are being deceived or you are not who you say you are then that is when the trouble starts. In order to get the girl you have to have confidence and self esteem.

Forget the pick up artist community. Confidence and self esteem are at the top of attraction. The reason why girls go for the badass or the jock is because those guys have high confidence and they are not afraid of messing up. I see many wimpy guys in anime conventions. They are afraid of standing up for themselves and they cant even tell a girl that she is cute. They watch all these shows and movies about brave men, Naruto, Goku, DC and Marvel Superheroes but they cant stand up for themselves. Get out of your comfort zone and learn to defend your self.

Many geeks and nerds are too passive. Passivity is a real problem because then you do not know how to deal with tension. In order to be good with girls you have to be good at dealing with tension. Girls are programmed to go after the guy that has the most guts and can handle tension the most.

Getting laid at conventions

If you are unable to have a conversation with her because her beauty is too distracting then you need to ignore how beautiful she is and pay attention to what she is saying. That is why the jocks and the Ch get the girl because they pay less attention to her looks and more attention to what she is doing and saying.

Getting laid at conventions

If there is nothing else that you take from this article then let it be this. Learn to be relax when tension arises and you will succeed. Now a days there are so many soy boys. Some of you might attack me for saying this but now a days men are being feminized.

Men are losing their masculinity because society thinks that being masculine is a bad thing which strangely enough we are here in this modern day of science and technology because of masculinity. Let me ask you a question. Because the nature of girls is feminine, do you think you can balance her out if you are also feminine.

You see a feminine man cannot attract a feminine woman. They cancel each other out. You have to tap into your masculinity to balance out her feminine. Only the masculine completes the feminine. You see this even in gay and lesbian couples.

Getting laid at conventions

One will hold the masculine and the other will hold the feminine. Why do you think girls go after the assholes, the jocks, the Tyrones and the Ch. There is a reason for this. If you are afraid of being a man what makes getting laid at conventions think she will want to be with you. The more beautiful the flower, the manlier her man has to be. So when society tells you that masculinity is bad, just think about the type of men beautiful girls go after. Being a nerd I always dreamed of finding that special girls that I can lay down with in my bedroom and play Final Fantasy with her.

I dreamed of watching hours of anime and movies with her. I was jealous of some friends who found their nerdy wife and soulmate. I always wanted someone like that. And you know what you can have that too. Geeks dream of the perfect nerdy girlfriend and that is one of the reasons why they go to conventions.

This is a fantasy my friends and as much as I love fantasy you need to go back to reality. Maybe you and her rather have Netflix and HULU for television instead of ing up for a cable company.

Getting laid at conventions

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