Girl enema stories

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I was the only male in a class of I hadn't quite thought of the benefits until then, but I was certainly going to enjoy them while I could.

Four girls and I formed a little clique that met occasionally in the apartment of two of them. Before long the nursing arts were being practiced after hours in the apartment.

In my case, this included being catheterized by the group of giggling girls. At one point I was subjected to an enema known in school as a 3-H. That is nurse-speak for High, Hot and Helluva Lot. The girls had me lie in the knee-chest potion to receive the enema with a hospital style rectal tube.

While receiving the enema I got an incredibly firm erection. One of the girls asked, does this feel good to which I just moaned in pleasure. After that, I had my chance girl enema stories reciprocate the 3-H procedure on the others. We used to say to one another "who's turn tonight". One night that I remember vividly involved a cheap gallon of wine. We were talking about how some patients objected to enemas. We talked about what type of distraction would cause people to enjoy the experience.

In our drunken logic we decided that sexual stimulation was the way to go. We decided to perform an experiment. Being the only male I was nominated to play half of the subject group. I was given the liberty to choose my partner. I used this position of power well. I first made all of the girls strip and dance for me in a seductive manner. As each of them did a bump and grind the motions got hotter and hotter.

Finally I had to choose. I chose Jen. I knew from the begining it would be her, but giving the others a chance to strut their stuff was fun. The others prepared the equipment while Jen and I watched. Two enema bags were prepared. Each was 2 quarts. Two feminine hygiene style nozzles were lubricated and inserted into Jen and I. Next, hospital tape was used to secure the tube to the back of our thigh.

While Jen and I assumed the missionary position the girls opened up the clamp. The result was a wild turn on. Jen and I was making mad, wild, crazy love while the others were cheering us on. Each of us were full with solution and passion until we both exploded in orgasm.

Girl enema stories

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