How to be a female dom

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Freebies Get the Book Learn Rope. If you have recently discovered the world of BDSM and kink, and want to know how to be a dom then this guide is for you. Many guys want to be a dominant so they can completely own a woman, making her do whatever they want. And she seems to be loving it. A dom or dominant is a man or woman who enjoys engaging in play with another person or multiple others who is submissive. The dominant is in charge, leading, and dictating what happens, whilst the submissive follows, serves and enjoys being lower status. This power dynamic is largely a roleplay. Both parties are agreeing to a consensual power differential in the relationship, one which either person can end at any time with the use of a safe word.

The capitalisation is used to indicate the dominant is the top higher statusand the submissive is the bottom lower status. Dominants commonly require their submissives to refer to them by honorifics such as Sir, Master or Daddy. Also, the listed above are not mutually exclusive. When you are deciding how to be a dom you can mix different styles to create your own unique dom personality and dynamic.

The best dominants already exhibit dominant behaviour in their every day life. It kills the sexual attraction because the polarity of the power dynamic is inversed. Being a dominant in a dom sub relationship feels good and natural to these types, and amps up the sexual attraction.

How to be a female dom

Not only do they get to exude their natural, confident personality, but they are able to share it with a submissive type who loves the displays of dominance, and has a natural desire to serve and please. The two personality types bind together as strongly as the opposite poles of magnets.

In fact, being the Dom in the relationship often equals MORE work, because you now have to look after two people yourself and your sub. As much as she is there to serve and attend to your needs, you must attend to hers, not taking advantage of her eagerness to please without giving her back anything in return.

Were you able to answer them all without looking up the answers? If not, then you might want to get an overview of BDSM in its various forms before diving headfirst into trying to be a Dominant. Sure, you can learn on the job, but some additional reading never hurts.

Absorb as much information as you can from websites such as this. Lingo and acronyms are a huge part of how to be a female dom BDSM community. The more you know, the less likely you are able to misinterpret what someone else is saying, and the easier you will find it to communicate with others in the scene. A couple of BDSM philosophies have popped up over the years. These are useful mental frameworks to know and use.

Some BDSM practises are inherently risking. Masochists enjoy the sting of pain and may become blooodied or bruised from flogging or beatings. K acknowledges this and says go ahead anyway, just be fully aware of the dangers, and make sure you have consent. It encourages BDSM activities to err towards the safer side of things, and only be done when all participants are in their right mind. Only when you are experienced should you consider attempting the riskier and potentially harmful BDSM activities.

Domination and submission come in all sorts of flavours. Accept that you may not know this upfront, and be okay with trying different styles. Not everything you read online will suit you. I am a true believer that you cannot be a good Dom unless you understand the psychology of submission.

How to be a female dom

Spend time understanding why a woman would want to be a submissive. Society regularly shames women about their sexual desires, making them feel guilty for wanting any sex, let alone kinky BDSM sex. How to be a female dom your sub needs to become a highly sexual woman who loves sex is there, bursting to break free. Your job is to water that seed, providing her with the right mental nutrition, and a kind hand, to help her blossom.

Part of my role as a dominant is to nurture my sub into a being who is comfortable with her sexuality, able to enjoy everything that she wants to without feeling guilty about it. Some submissive how to be a female dom completely at ease with sex, their bodies, and their fantasies. Others will have issues with all of those topics. Remember my Dom code — leave her better than you found her. The more you are able to talk about YOUR desires, wants and needs in an open, honest, and direct manner, the more she will see that there is nothing to be ashamed of.

partners had become angry, rude, or aggressive when they had asked for one and been refused. How do you think this made the woman feel? Is being confrontational more or less likely to help you get your blowjob and her to love them? My approach is radically different. It starts with curiosity. Sit and have an honest conversation, treating it as just another chat. That was the only reason for their hesitance. Again, we talking about it calmly, because I wanted to see the issue through her eyes.

And once again, with the trust there, we began taking baby steps towards making her feel more comfortable being naked. Men of course do as well. But from my experience society and upbringing tend to be harsher on women. Also note that I write mainly about man dominants and female submissives in heterosexual relationships. A female Domme would be able to help a male sub overcome his hangups too.

Basically, whoever is in charge, regardless of gender, is able to have a big impact because of their position of power. The point I want to make is you can do your bit by talking about the topic of sex with your partner in a direct and open way. This alone is often a catalyst for positive change and removal of shame and guilt in your submissive. Being a Dom is a headfuck. As a good person you are a good person, right? This feels as though it goes against everything society and women have been fighting for in the past hundreds of years. When I started my journey towards being a good Dom, I felt uncomfortable bossing a woman around in the bedroom, let alone asking her to do things for me around the house.

In fact, growing up, for various reasons I had to learn to be self-sufficient. I really dislike having to ask people for help. We all need other people to help us in life. So if asking people for help is tough for me, imagine how difficult it is to ask someone to do something for me even if I can do it myself. Asking someone to go to the shops and buy some biscuits as an example. I am more than capable of doing this. Who am I to ask my sub to complete this chore for me? Those are the types of thoughts which go through my head each time I set my sub a task or new rule.

She gets pleasure from being the submissive in the relationship, and therefore I am denying her pleasure if I complete the task myself. Even though it is something I could do for myself, I am denying her the satisfaction of having served her Dom and done a good job.

My fear is slipping unknowingly into an unhealthy dynamic which borders on emotional abuse. When does a dom sub relationship cross over into an abusive one? And how do I stop myself crossing that line? My other strategy is continual communication. Keep checking in to make sure your partner is happy with how the dom sub dynamic is progressing. Finally, trust your submissive. She is a grown woman and more than capable of telling you if she believes you are taking advantage of her.

In summary, to be a good dominant you must: buck the societal pressure to have equal power share in a relationship; overcome your drive to be independent in order to allow someone else the pleasure of serving you; and act with mindfulness to prevent emotional abusive in your position of power.

Communication is the cornerstone of a dom sub dynamic. Good communication is difficult and requires much practise. Body language is a fascinating and extensive topic. People size you up before you even open your mouth.

How to be a female dom

If you are meeting a woman for the first time, those first few seconds are critical. Are you the kind of person who puts her at ease, makes her relax and smile, but also commands respect, gives her funny feelings in her tummy, and want to rip your clothes off? This can all happen within a few seconds of her interacting with you, and your body language makes the difference. It contains everything you need to know, and goes into great detail. Did you know we change our voice pitch depending upon our perceived social status of the person we are talking to?

If you are talking to someone you believe is high status, you raise your voice pitch. The theory is it informs the listener that you are submitting, and you are not a threat to them, in order avoid confrontation. So, if you want to be seen as more dominant, you should use a deeper tone of voice. Speaking slower and breathing deeper helps. Take a nursery time such as Mary Had a Little Lamb. Say it out loud, working on lowering your voice tone, decreasing the speed at which you talk by a factor of two, pausing between lines, and playing with the intonation and emphasis you place on each word.

The majority of BDSM relationships have a sexual component. The bedroom is the best place to really unleash your dominance and have her submit to you. I suggest you read that article. In summary, the key thing to remember about having dominant sex is developing both the mental and physical components.

Think of sexual techniques as the part of the iceberg visible above how to be a female dom water. You get that being a good Dom starts with knowing yourself and your submissive, good communication and trust. You understand you need to master both the physical and mental components.

How to be a female dom

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