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And tbh, if this is how many followers you gain for not having sex for a few weeks or even still having a lot of sex in some casesseriously where do I up? We watched them in that gorgeous Caribbean villa over two weeks of episode drops, became obsessed with their horny ways and now clearly want to continue watching them reap up the rewards from the success of the series.

We took how many followers each of the season two cast members had on the day the retreat lineup was announced June 15th and compared it to now. Here are the cast members of season two of Too Hot To Handle, ranked by how many Instagram followers they gained from being on the show. Larissa is the least followed of the original Too Hot To Handle season two cast members. She now has k followers, and before she went on the show had British stripper Nathan had Whilst people have been tuning in, Not to bad for just a few days in a instagram sex hot in the Caribbean not doing, or even really saying, anything.

She started out with Peter had The closest he got to a girlfriend was the cockroach that landed on his head. However, he has gained over k Instagram followers, which is pretty impressive. He had Marvin might have more followers than some of those above him in this ranking, but he started out with k followers before the retreat had even began!! His following now sits at a healthy k — an increase of k. So her gaining hundreds of thousands of Instagram followers is the least she deserves. Carly actually had the lowest amount of followers out of all the cast before Too Hot To Handle, with 8.

She is now the third most followed person from this season as she has gained He now has 1.

Before she was on the show she had 10k followers, now she has 1. Take this quiz to find out.

Cheers to actually making friends this year. There are two new movies about Bundy coming, which will no doubt glamourise his crimes once again. Ranked: The Too Hot To Handle season two cast who gained the most Insta followers If this is what you get for not having sex for a few weeks, I want in. Hayley Soen. Larissa Trownson — k followers — gained These are the 25 most well-endowed universities in the country Greg Barradale.

These are the most dramatic transformations of the Love Island cast Hayley Soen. Izzy Schifano. In the wise words of Gretchen Wieners, ex-boyfriends are just off-limits to friends. Gather around the fire pit and enjoy these 39 memes about Love Island so far Hayley Soen.

Instagram sex hot

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