Labia fetish

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Nothing turns me on more than plump, thick, juicy vulvas and large, long labia. I came in my pants before she even got me unzipped. After a torrid affair where I was on all fours, eating her pussy all weekend, she returned to Germany.

Trying to recreate the thrill by Googling some porn featuring this highlight of large pussy lips, I discovered that loving large vulvas is a fetish. There are a few of us out there! How can I meet women with large labia? I think girls can pump up the lips temporarily.

Or does that permanently change them? Congratulations on discovering a new thrill! Yes, large labia can be a fetish or kink. It can also be a preference—many guys love large breasts and some get off on small. Not everyone with a preference sees that preference as kinky or a fetish, so I think there are way more than a few of you out there.

Yes, women can temporarily engorge their vulvas with a pump. A pussy pump will help engorge her labia lips, with the swelling making them temporarily larger.

It will feel tighter for you if you penetrate her pussy, and the extra circulation and stimulation also make her more sensitive than usual! If your goddess is concerned about permanently enlarging her labia, that can certainly happen but not from occasional play.

She should use the pussy pump only occasionally. If she does want to enlarge the tissue permanently, you can both train her pussy lips with the pump and work on it regularly. There are also extreme pussy engorgement videos and a kink for them. If you like your large labia extreme, you can look for a woman who is into extreme pumping.

She may not be easy to find but is worth searching for to worship!

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Labia fetish

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