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Especially when they smell and taste of last night's curry as well - Yuck! Hope it's working for you and that you're able to filter out the many fakes and duds because whilst "Not all guys are assholes" as one forum contributor states, the fact is there are SOOO many who are only on sex sites for their own selfish gain and who are too lazy put in the required time and effort to ensure a fabulous, sexy sexperience for all involved.

Therefore I don't blame you one bit for laying down the law in you profile wording. Good for you!!

Meet n fuck forums

I completely gave up searching for suitable FWBs after way too many disappointments and way too much time wasted. Meet and fuck Back. Stupid me, I should have known, so of course the excuse came why we couldn't go to his place. So drove to find a spot for sex in the car.

Meet n fuck forums

He picked the wrong person to do that to. He copped my anger all the way back, lectured him about how he should treat women, just after a blow 'n go. Either way, I was very happy to see the back of him 2.

Meet n fuck forums

Couple of attached guys who forgot to tell me they didn't kiss. Already talked about those, happy to see the back of both of them too 3.

Meet n fuck forums

The guy who was almost female and neglected to tell me until his clothes were about to come off. Very awkward for me, I tried to continue but there were other things that turned me off 4. A guy who had been a gym junkie with pictures showing him like meet n fuck forums. Took forever for him to arrive, waited half the night for him. Then he was really out of shape, following an injury apparently, and nervous, couldn't keep it up. Condoms kept coming off. I've never seen anyone that nervous, he was a mess. Much as I tried to get him to relax, wasn't going to happen. Terrible meet 5. I was lucky with most, especially given how active I was and how quickly I hooked up.

Very similar experiences to I Touch actually I had a woman who I had known for some time go after me quite aggressively at a party, insisted on coming back to mine. You would think that this would result in a night of raucous, bawdy, adventure in the land of the flesh - but no.

This was where I first learnt of the term ''starfish''. I had to do everything, she made not one move or sound. I actually contemplated just stopping as it felt almost creepy. Then she wouldn't leave, lay in my bed and tried to get me to go again. Spent the wee hours of the morning trying to sleep with someone constantly grabbing my dick or tickling my thigh. I ended up fleeing my own flat ''to go to the markets'' just to get away from her. Sleep-deprived, hungover, doing the walk of shame down my street.

Glass of champagne on arrival. Something was in it and really fucked me up. In my younger days picked up a girl at the nightclub, had a great lead up, got home to her place. Stale starfish, quiet as a mouse, basically had her eyes closed too.

I couldn't finish and she proceeded to suck her thumb and wouldn't talk. He was well muscled and good looking but when it came to the bedroom his dick was as skinny as a hb pencil and well need I say that it was an embarrassing moment for all. Quoting 'Bananaboy'. That chick has some issues - sucking on her thumb? I could meet n fuck forums some couch psychology and hazard a guess as to what screws were loose there. I feel kind of sorry for her, but you were right to beat a hasty retreat.

I had the classic ''starfish'' as well posted above and I should have just stopped like you did. Two sides to every story? Perhaps it was more along the lines of that movie "how to lose a man in 10 days" Unfortunately many of us have had to resort to "tactics" to rid ourselves of dud lovers who won't accept other hints or requests to leave.

Meet n fuck forums

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