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Im new here, so wanna see what this is all about! Would be great to chat with local members Lets have some fun! Re: southern california members chat Quote Unread post by armyguyot1 » Sun Mar 21, pm Welcome to the forum socalman1. Are you currently part of the hotwife lifestyle? Re: southern california members chat Quote Unread post by socalman1 » Tue May 25, am Not yet involved, but looking to be soon! Not yet in the lifestyle but hoping to be someday. Baby steps is what it is right now. What are you bringing to the party other than you would like to screw other men's wives?

Since most couples in this lifestyle consider her play our hotwives chat "addition" rather than a substitution, you need to bring something special not just your dick to add to their relationship. Never forget your place in their relationship Having been involved on both sides of the matter for some time Husband of a HW, swinging couple, extra guy AKA "Bull"I can tell you that being interesting, charming and including her husband in your conversations at the least will gain you traction and a reputation for being "The Guy" whom they seek out.

So concentrate more on improving yourself socially even more than physically than on finding women and you will find they will come to you. If all you are is a "stunt dick" your draw will be limited, so be adaptable including having the manners for fine dinning and entertaining as well as being discrete especially when in public with them. Be the kind of guy they want to hang out with even when it isn't sexual.

Show your interest in them as people. Not too make an accusation or lump everyone together, but younger "Bulls" often are a bit self absorbed and at times, a bit cocky not to be confused with our hotwives chat confidence.

Currently, your life experiences are probably fairly limited, so read, become informed know about more than just the details of your own profession and sportslisten and heed when others share experiences. Do your homework. At your age, I read every article I could find about women's emotions and sexual psychology. I read about how couple's dynamics worked and tried to understand motivations, so I could compliment their experiences and introduce adventures into our hotwives chat lives.

I read Penthouse, but I also read Cosmopolitan sort of the liberated woman's playbook at the time not as gospel, but to get an idea of where others' minds were at. It is an old book and some of the references are dated, but the ideas and concepts are applicable in this context. It is a primer on how to get what you desire by giving others what they need. Most of all, see the couples as friends rather than sex partners Just an old "Bull's" friendly pointers Appreciate your insight and it makes sense. Contact caligula Re: southern california members chat Quote Unread post by luckyman67 » Sat May 29, am Would like to grab a drink with bulls north of LA.

See what happens.

You are talking about two different worlds. The one where the bull is a well endowed hunk'o'meat, and nothing more is expected, beyond their grunts, cum and drool Then there is the other, a rare thing, where the 'Bull' is eloquent, educated, well mannered and charming, and knows how to engage your wife, so she iis eager to ride his manhood, and give him her very best.

Two different worlds. Projectile erection becomes vicious uppercut KO! Blue eyes, brown hair.

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Our hotwives chat

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